Agenda & Networking


We all miss the natural connections that happen while attending live shows, and this is why at Advanced Therapies Connect we put special emphasis on making sure connections can happen virtually. So what have we got planned for you?
  • Let's have some (virtual) fun! - We will host a pub quiz event on each day of the show. Lead your team to victory in a contest of knowledge, wit and merriment
  • Let's hang out - Three times a day, we will host relaxed coffee hangout sessions via video. Dial in with a beverage of your choice and make connections instantly!
  • Let's chat - During every session, chat will be available in real time - get involved in the action!
  • Let's meet - Making connections at the event will be powered by both an AI match-maker and our very own Phacilitate¬†Match programme, to help you meet like-minded people


This is where you'll find everything that will be taking place over the 2-day event. Coffee hang-outs, a pub quiz, roundtables and webinars - there are so many opportunities for you to connect with other attendees. 


Find out all about the content sessions which will be taking place. The content has been specifically designed to help biotechs to continue along their commercialisation journey. 
If you have any questions about the agenda, or would like to become involved in the working groups or roundtables, please get in touch with us here.